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Meet your business's unique requirements.

Every individual business does things a little differently. Sometimes your needs go beyond standard retail software. That's why we've created a suite of business software products that meet unique requirements for different stores.


With offerings like our ezscheduler service scheduling software, blazin' barcodes, and evergreen time clock troll for employee payroll, we aim to make business easy for you.

If you have any questions not answered by our webpage, call us at (800) 728-7099.

ezscheduler is the ultimate solution for scheduling work orders and appointments at your business. Used by a variety of businesses like groomers, pool services, repair shops, and more, ezscheduler is flexible and simple to use. It also integrates with our enterprise POS software, ezpos, to share customer information between the two programs. ezscheduler
blazin Barcodes Both of our point-of-sale software offerings, perennial and ezpos, print barcode labels for handling inventory. However, stores without our retail systems can still print labels with our blazin' barcodes barcode printing software. Print custom individual labels using Dymo brand label printers, or print sheet labels using standard format printers.
evergreen time clock troll makes employee payroll and tracking of hours simple. With it, your employees can log in and out and you can track their times for payroll purposes. For added security, evergreen also has the capability for biometric fingerprint identification. evergreen
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